Living in Brooklyn – A Short Guide

So you want to move to New York City? Are you waging your options on which borough is the right place for you? Is Manhattan too uptight, Bronx not accessible enough and Queens just way too large for you? Then Brooklyn might be just the place for you! So strap on your seatbelt and join us…
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How to move large furniture into a small Manhattan apartment?

Moving can be really complicated, especially when you are moving large furniture into a small Manhattan apartment. When you have a lot of stuff, the first step is to find Manhattan storage, than to find a way to pack your household. The major problem is how to pack and keep safe your furniture. Hiring professional…
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Moving with a Dog to New York City

Are you moving to New York City with your dog? Feeling stressed and restless? Are you unsure of how to properly introduce your dog to the idea of moving? Need help getting it to acclimate to the Big Apple after the move? Then read further, and hopefully, we will answer your questions about moving with…
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