By Air or By Sea?

By Air or By Sea?

Relocating to another country? You are required to select whether you prefer to ship your items by air or by sea. To work out which shipping method suits your requirements best, start out by calculating the total volume of the items you want to transport. The international moving rates offered by Big Apple are calculated according to the total number of either cubic feet or kilograms. Shipping by sea tends to be more cost effective when relocating large shipments, while small shipments usually won't reach the required minimum of ocean shipment volume, and are therefore more suitable for shipping by air.

While transporting goods via ship is extremely cost-effective when it comes to large shipments, is it worth noting that it will take longer than shipping by air. Shipping your items by plane is ideal for small shipments, and preferable for urgent ones, as you can expect the shipment to nearly any destinations to arrive within a week or two. Shipping by air also has the added value of customs being easier to clear. We will gladly assist you in calculating the total volume of goods to be shipped, and advise you regarding the best shipping method for your relocation.

Whatever your destination, Big Apple Moving & Storage is fully equipped to ensure that your belongings make it through the journey and arrive at their destination safely and soundly.

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