Long Term

Long-Term Storage

Long Term Storage

Long Term Storage

If you've ever wished for an extra car garage or two to store items you don't have room for, or a dedicated basement with wall-to-wall shelves to keep your belongings organized, you could certainly benefit from a long-term storage space.

Our facilities are top of the line, private, secure, and designed for long term storage that will help you organize your belongings and keep them that way. No need to worry about the safety of your items or their accessibility – our long term storage facilities offer easy access, as well as security features that ensure your items will be safe and sound right up until the moment you need them. Hundreds of customers already count on us to store everything from furniture and electronics to priceless art and rare collectibles in a clean and organized fashion. We are fully equipped to handle extra-long term storage space, and meet your every need and storage requirement.

Call us now and get a free long term storage estimate, or use our provided online calculator and receive a quick, accurate estimate, and experience working with a long term storage company that with the experience and know-how to store your items safely and securely, whatever they are, and for however long you require.

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Choose Wisely

Choose The Best Long Term Storage For Your Items

Many people have concerns about long-term storage, and for good reason – many companies skimp or cut back in expenses by using ineffective security, keeping cheap or shabby storage units, or cutting corners when it comes to ease of access. Big Apple is not one of those companies. Our clean, modern long-term storage solutions are designed to meet the highest standards of privacy, security, and convenience.


We Care About Your Privacy

We pride ourselves on offering state-of-the-art security features, such as controlled access facility-wide alarm systems and security cameras, and a resident manager who is always on premises.


Your Convenience Is a Priority

No need to worry about the potential time and hassle of accessing your items – our facilities are designed to allow you to drive right up to the doors of your storage unit, no steps or elevators required, 7-days a week.


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Whether short or long-term, the premises are always clean from litter or debris, well-kept, and snow plowed when necessary. Even years after you've entrusted your items to us, the space will be as squeaky-clean as they were on the first day of storage.

Call us now, or use our online calculator for a free storage estimate. Make the smart choice – choose Big Apple for a full-service, professional, experienced storage company that specializes in long-term storage solutions at prices you can afford.

Unbeatable Prices

Upfront Prices - No Hidden Fees

When committing to long-term storage, you need to be absolutely certain that the price you get is the price you pay. We will never surprise you with any added costs, and our prices will always remain precisely as stated. Whatever your budget or constraints, our goal is to provide you with the options you need to give you a high-quality, affordable storage experience.

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Satisfaction Guarantee

Your Satisfaction is Guaranteed

At Big Apple Moving & Storage, we have always provided our customers with unmatched quality service, we pride ourselves on our high customer satisfaction rate – our services are always delivered with the highest standards and the utmost professional courtesy, or your money back, guaranteed. Whether you are looking for storage solutions or just want to check in, our staff will do whatever in their power to help you and provide you with whatever information you require.

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