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Short-Term Storage

Short Term Storage

Short Term Storage

Whether you're looking to keep your items safe while you're finishing a move for a new home, or waiting for new permanent storage for your business - if you need your items stored temporarily, short-term storage is the perfect solution for you. Your belongings will be housed in a professional, top of the line storage facility for a limited period of time. There are several different ways to define short term storage, depending on who you ask – some place this label on any items stored for under one year, while others extend it to include any storage paid for on a monthly basis.

We have several short term storage options available, to match different possible requirements. The most basic option for storage is the mini self-storage – this is typically a concrete or metal storage space assigned to the customer, usually accessed by a rolling door, for purposes of easy access and as little hassle as possible. This solution is ideal of you simply need a temporary solution for anything you simply don't have room for, such as personal belongings or pieces of furniture, and is designed for items that can be moved when necessary with relative ease.

Call us now, and enjoy a short term storage solution that is affordable, convenient, and will provide you with a secure, state of the art storage facility for your items, while still allowing you to access them or move them with ease.

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Choose Your Short Term Storage Wisely

When dealing with short-term storage solutions, it is easy to cut corners. Some companies try saving money at the cost of weak security, or old and unkempt facilities; others, by making it difficult or inconvenient to get to and from your unit. With us, that will never happen. Our state-of the art short-term storage are clean, secure, private, and designed to make your storage experience as convenient as possible.


Your Privacy Comes First

Our facilities feature top notch security elements including security cameras, controlled access, alarm systems, and a manager who is always available on the premises.


We Care About Your Convenience

We provide easy access every day of the week, and the facility permits direct access for cars or trucks, allowing you to drive right up to the sliding door of your storage unit without the inconvenience of steps or elevators.


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You will find no trash or junk on the premises, and the grounds and always well-kept, cleaned, and snow plowed when necessary.

Contact us now receive a short-term storage estimate, free of charge, or simply use the provided online calculator. We would be happy to advise you, and provide you with clean, convenient, and affordable short-term storage solutions to meet your requirements.

Unbeatable Prices

Upfront Prices - No Hidden Fees

We pride ourselves on providing each clients with the solution they require, and that includes staying within budget. Tell us what you need, and we do our best to devise a plan tailored to your personal storage requirements. No matter the reason, you will always pay precisely what was stated, and never be caught off guard with any additional costs or fees. Enjoy the highest quality of service, at affordable prices.

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Satisfaction Guarantee

Your Satisfaction is Guaranteed

We aim to achieve a 100% customer satisfaction rate, and we work extra hard to earn the trust our customers continue to place in us. Our staff is committed to provide you with anything you might require, and answer any questions or concerns that may arise, whether you're booking storage space or simply checking in. We will always work to meet the highest standards of customer satisfaction, or your money back.

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